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Streaks and biases - talking roulette

But the American wheel has 38 numbers, including 0 and 00, making the true odds 37-1, while the European wheel has only 37 numbers, making the true odds 36-1. Imagine you've found a wheel with a bias that makes the number 17 more likely to come up than the usual odds would suggest. Perhaps a nearly invisible track has been worn down the wheel surface, or the frets are a hair higher or lower, or looser or tighter than on other numbers. History’s biggest music legends and the styles they made famous With “Cher,” “Sinatra,” “Elvis” and more in Atlantic City through Sept. 2, in “Legends in Co… How much more often than average would 17 have to come up to make it profitable for players? On either a single-zero or double-zero wheel, the break-even point would come when 17 came up an average of once per 36 spins. Then, in an average 36 spins in which you bet $1 per spin, you'd bet a total of $36. You'd win once, keep your $1 bet and get $35 in winnings for a total of $36 -- you'd have just as much money at the end of the trial at the beginning. If 17 came up more often than once per 36 spins, it would be a profitable number for players. Less than once per 36, it remains profitable for the house. Averaging one hit per 36 spins means 17 is the number on 2.78 percent of spins.

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